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Careers in OH

Occupational health professionals make a real difference to the health of workers. Research shows that good health is good for business and better workplaces have better financial results. Occupational health (OH) is a rewarding and interesting career and one that allows a good work/life balance.

SOM held its first OH Jobs and Career Day last year, demonstrating its support for the next generation of OH professionals. This event provided information about careers in occupational health and medicine. We are planning a similar event for 2019.

Being a member of the SOM can support your career development. The occupational health world is friendly. There will be more people than you think out there who are willing to help and support you in your career. Whatever your background or interests, there is a career in occupational health that's perfect for you.

Choosing occupational health as a career

Career paths in occupational health

Doctors, psychologists, technicians, nurses and physiotherapists all play important roles within OH. This video explains why they love working in OH, their day-to-day responsibilities, opportunities for training and career progression and much more. OH is an exciting and varied field to work in, one that offers great work-life balance and near endless possibilities.

Dr Iain Kennedy explains in this blog the importance of occupational medicine in his work as a GP. Dr Rob Hampton describes why there is an increasing interest in the specialty being seen as an attractive and sometimes lucrative field of work. Dr Peter Tamony, a junior doctor, shares his experience of a taster week of training in occupational health during his final year as a medical student.

The occupational health nursing profession focuses on the prevention and management of workplace injuries. Occupational health nursing is a rewarding and diverse career. All registered nurses can apply for occupational health nursing roles. There are occupational health nurse jobs available in both the private sector and the NHS. More information about becoming an occupational health nurse can be found here.