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SOM global consultancy

Business and government recognise that they must effectively identify and control workplace health risks, return to work issues and manage their response to pandemics. Many organisations do not immediately think of occupational health as likely to assist them. However, specialist occupational health professionals perform exactly this role.

SOM acts as an agent for experts in occupational health who provide concise advice. SOM engages the right experts and leaders; facilitating partnerships with government and other partners, bringing knowledge and expertise to ensure that solutions are context specific. In its charitable work, SOM also works with IOMSC (our global network of occupational health medicine societies) to highlight the global value of occupational health through thought leadership and reports and partners with global civil society organisations.

Consultancy could be for:

  • Site visits to workplaces to assess on site health risks and their mitigation.
  • Safely returning to work during Covid19 pandemic
  • Future pandemic and critical incident planning
  • Advise on implementation for health and wellbeing programs (‘Wellness’)
  • Design and management of occupational health services, building on success from strategies that have worked elsewhere
  • Training in key issues such as mental health in the workplace
  • Stress management policy and implementation
  • Advise on sickness absence management for individual or groups of employees.
  • Advise on Drug and Alcohol policy and implementation
  • Advise on medical risks of business travel and expat placement  and how to mitigate those medical risks
  • Advocacy to governments regarding new laws, guidance, and advice
  • Business retainer’ schemes e.g.  to give medical advice on the phone or via video link and undertake larger pieces of work such as writing policies or procedures
  • To place a Chief Medical Officer
  • Measuring health outcomes - feeding lessons learned to ensure a focus on delivering results

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  1. Typically, contracts bill at between £900-£1500 per day
  2. SOM can provide a specimen contract template on request
  3. Consultants listed have not paid a fee to be listed on the SOM website, but the consultant pays a percentage fee to SOM for a consultancy contract awarded to the consultant via the SOM
  4. The SOM acts as a commissioning agent and liability does not sit with the SOM. Any financial arrangements between the client and the consultant would be for the consultant and client to manage and agree. Consultants and clients will arrange their own liability insurance
  5. Licencing - Consultants are obliged to demonstrate adequate medical licensing
  6. Complaints - contact SOM if you have a complaint and we will follow our normal complaints process
  7. Legal status - SOM Consultancy Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of SOM, operated via SOM Enterprises which is a Limited Company that gift aids to the SOM charity.





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