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  • 01 September 2018

    Progress your career in Occupational Medicine with this 10 day intensive course from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

    The RSPH course will help you get prepared for the Faculty of Occupational Medicine Diploma exam while earning 55 CPD points.

    Limited places available - sign up for our September course now!

  • 01 September 2018
    West Midlands

    University of Birmingham, Occupational Health - MSc / Diploma / Certificate

    Over the past 20 years this programme has been completed by over 300 doctors, nurses, scientists, economists and physiotherapists. The University of Birmingham offers Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and Masters courses in Occupational Health over one or two years.

    Each module includes a practical component e.g., workplace inspection in a foundry, case discussions, ergonomic risk assessments in a mechanical workshop, audiometry and spirometry practical sessions, developing services for a company. The majority of the modules are one week in duration and are designed in line with the syllabus recommended by Faculties of Occupational Medicine (Ireland and London).

    Learn more:

    +44 (0121) 414 6013

  • 03 September 2018
    S Wales and W of England

    Online via Cardiff University

    The MSc in Occupational Health is a 3-year part-time distance e-learning programme that offers knowledge and expertise in the science underpinning occupational health and safety. Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma exit points are available after years 1 and 2.

    It offers a convenient means for nurses with busy work schedules and other responsibilities, to gain a postgraduate qualification in Occupational Health. The emphasis is on common occupational health and safety issues encountered in the workplace.

    The course encourages self-directed learning, critical thinking and comparative analysis of occupational health systems and practice. This is done within a structured and dynamic on-line learning environment that provides interactive multidisciplinary learning and the opportunity for mutual support and collaboration.

    Find out more and apply now.

  • 11 September 2018

    Hazardous substances may enter the body via various exposure routes. Most occupational studies have focussed on the measurement of the concentration of airborne contaminants and other possible routes are often overlooked. Dermal exposure can have an important role in workers total exposure and is very likely to occur in many different workplace situations and for a wide variety of hazardous substances.

    This course will explain why dermal exposure is important in occupational settings and why this is cause for concern for employers.  The course will look at how employers can identify dermal hazards and how workers may be exposed. The course will explore measurement technique that may be used to assess dermal exposure including interception, recovery and visualisation techniques as well as how dermal exposure can be estimated in the absence of actual measurement data. The management and control of dermal exposure is of importance and will also be discussed.

    For more information please click here.

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  • 13 September 2018
    West Midlands

    Venue: Chateau Impney Hotel & Exhibition Centre

    This conference explores mental health, from assessment through to diagnosis and into treatments, old and new. Guidance and advice on how employers can detect mental health issues early, intervene and prevent are also covered as well as a review of the legal aspects such as Employment Tribunals and examples of case studies.

    Why attend?

    Gain fresh insight from leading industry experts. Receive five CPD points approved by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine

    Who should attend?

    This conference will appeal to all Occupational Health clinicians as well as human resources colleagues to gain an up to date overview of this spiralling problem from a collection of experts in their field.


    Thursday 13th September 2018.


    Chateau Impney Hotel & Exhibition Centre, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire WR9 0BN. Directions available here.


    The cost of the conference is £175 + VAT.

    Book before 30 June and receive an early bird rate, meaning you pay just £150 + VAT.

    To view the full conference programme click here.

    To book your place, please click here.

    Places are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

  • 25 September 2018
    West Midlands


    25-26 September 2018

    The At Work Partnership's annual two day seminar, providing a clinical and management update on the cutting-edge issues in occupational health today.

    Chaired by: Dr John Ballard, Occupational Health [at Work] with Dr Steve Boorman, Empactis and Dr Nerys Williams, independent occupational physician

    Organised by: The At Work Partnership Ltd with Janie Acton

    Seminar supported by The Colt Foundation and sponsored by Empactis and Cohort

    This year's themes include:

    - Fitness for work

    - Improving OH consultations

    - GDPR, consent and confidentiality and other hot legal topics

    - Facilitating longer, healthier working lives

    - Work, health and inequality

    - The state of OH

    - Shift work and cancer

    - Drug and alcohol addiction case study

    CPD: 12.5 points from the FOM (applied for)

    Early bird rates from: £450 + VAT (or £355 + VAT for self-funded delegates) for bookings paid by 31/7/18.

    To find out more, please click here or call The At Work Partnership on 0208 344 2328. You can view the programme and booking form here.

  • 30 September 2018

    Professor Ewan Macdonald, Head, Healthy Working Lives Group at the Institute of Health & Wellbeing invites you to attend one of the following high quality and long established courses. Aimed at all health professionals and accredited by the FOM.

    Friday 16th March 2018 - OH Report Writing

    Wednesday 21st / Thursday 22nd March 2018 - HAVS

    Friday 27th April 2018 - Asbestos

    Thursday 10th May 2018 - Lead

    Friday 18th May 2018 - Ionising Radiation (IRR)

    Friday 1st June 2018 - HAVS refresher

    Wednesday 6th / Thursday 7th June 2018 - Effective Leadership / Management for Health Professionals

    September 2018 - Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management (VRCM)

    For more information and to book your place please click here.

  • 02 October 2018

    Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the biggest causes of work-related sickness absence in the UK.  Apart from the human cost in terms of impact on work and life, bad backs, sore necks and shoulders and painful upper limbs together form a massive drain on any employer’s resources.

    This course will explain what MSDs are, helping to clear some of the jargon (RSI, WRULDs, CTDs, etc) and explain what is known about what causes them and how work can play a part.  Whether a condition has been caused by work or not, it is important to understand how work can at least provoke symptoms and to have some idea of how to change workplaces to avoid this.  Both industrial and office workplaces will be considered.

    For more information please click here.

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  • 11 October 2018
    East Midlands

    Venue: The Belfry Hotel, Nottingham

    An annual symposium consisting of clinical updates and talks relevant to occupational health. This will be useful to all occupational health professionals and GPs with an interest.

    Topics covered include an update from the HSE, gambling in the workplace and the impact of drugs on fitness to drive.

    5.5 CPD points have been approved by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

    For further details and booking click here.

  • 20 November 2018

    Regular and frequent exposure to hand-arm vibration can lead to two forms of permanent ill health; hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).  The health changes include reduced sensory perception, muscle weakness and numbness of the fingers; caused by damage to blood vessels, nerves and joints.  In some individuals, symptoms may appear after only a few months of exposure, in others symptoms may not appear for many years. If exposure to vibration is not removed the symptoms are likely to get worse and may become permanent, severely affecting both an individual’s job and social life.

    This course will briefly outline the health implications of exposure to hand arm vibration and the legal requirements of employers to assess the risks.

    The presentation will then focus on the elements of a vibration risk management programme and the monitoring of an effective control programme.

    For more information please click here.

    Special rate for SOM members. Please login to your SOM account and visit the Benefits and insurance page to access the promotional code.