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  • 09 April 2020

    FREE for SOM Members (please log in on the SOM website first).

    An exclusive webinar on ethical issues in OH.

    Dr Steve Boorman will talk about the common ethical issues that challenge practitioners in their regular practice.

    The webinar will cover:

    -Ethical issues related to consent

    -Ethical issues related to records and storage / disposal

    -Ethical issues related to disclosure .

    -Ethical issues related to changing ways of working

    Dr Boorman is Director of Employee Health for Empactis. He chairs the Council for Work and Health and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine's (FOM) Ethics Committee and led the re-editing of the eighth edition guidance on Ethics for Occupational Health Practitioners.

    FREE for SOM Members (please log in on the SOM website). You will then be sent a link to register on the Adobe Connect Webinar platform.

    This event is worth 1 CPD Hour.

  • 14 April 2020

    FREE to all

    This exclusive webinar will give an overview of a career in OH for doctors.

    It will cover:

    -What occupational Medicine entails

    -A typical working day in OH

    -In light with the current Pandemic situation, it will cover the role of Occupational Medicine with Public Health Concerns such as Covid 19. 

    -The paths of entry/training 

    -Future career progression prospects and more.

    Do register for this webinar if you are unsure about your career, fancy a change in scope of practice (particularly as a GP) and to find out more about a relatively unheard of specialty with a vast scope of work, very good salary and opportunities for intriguing subspecialties and cases.

    Dr Sarwar Chowdhury (also known as 'The Work Doctor'), works to promote occupational health activities via his Instagram (IG) page @the_work_doctor. He runs the SOM IG page, and is the SOM's Outreach Officer.

    SOM Members (please log in on the SOM website). You will then be sent a link to register on the Adobe Connect Webinar platform.

    This event is worth 1 CPD Hour.

  • 23 April 2020
    West Midlands

    ARTP Course in Occupational Asthma

    This 2 day course offers training to those working in respiratory physiology/medicine with an interest in occupational asthma, or those currently working in occupational health. It covers the core investigations into occupational asthma, how to do them and interpret them, with a case-based approach throughout.

    Pre-requisite: You will need a good foundation knowledge and experience in spirometry.

    This course is aimed at Respiratory Physiologists, Occupational Health Doctors and Nurses, GPs, Asthma Nurses, and others involved in diagnosis or screening for occupational asthma.

    To view the event brochure, please click here. 

  • 28 April 2020

    Practical OH Law Certificate

    A three-day course from The At Work Partnership run with the support of Brunel University London

    Date: 28 – 30 April 2020

    Location: Central London

    A practical three-day course designed to provide occupational health professionals with an in-depth understanding of OH law at work. This qualification will provide you with a detailed comprehension of the full scope of your legal responsibilities – so that you can ensure that your work, and the work of your department, is fully compliant with legislation and case law.

    Course director and lead tutor: Professor Diana Kloss, Barrister

    Other tutors include: Nick Hanning, Anthony Gold Solicitors, Professor Alan Neal, University of Warwick and Emily Yeardley, BakerLaw LLP

    The course topics include:

    • Introduction to OH law and the criminal law of health and safety

    • Discrimination law: key concepts and legislation

    • Consent, confidentiality and data protection in OH

     • Disability discrimination

    • Employment law and fitness for work

    • Employment tribunals

    Book and pay by 31st March and save up to £100 + VAT with our early bird rates.

    To book online and for further information, please visit:

  • 04 May 2020

    FREE for SOM Members (please log in on the SOM website first).

    This webinar will address the impact of COVID-19 on business culture and how to enable shifts to tackle implications on employee mental health.

    Whether employees are feeling fear around catching the virus or economic implications on their life, or leaders are experiencing stress and anxiety around managing a business or keeping an SME afloat during this time, we are all experiencing challenges in this current climate of uncertainty. 

    Register for this webinar and find out how you can learn from this and make changes in your business

    Presenter, Lou Banks is founder of Rising Vibe Ltd, a Culture Consultancy working in the B2B space, helping their clients to create a social pain free culture. 

    FREE for SOM Members (please log in on the SOM website). You will then be sent a link to register on the Adobe Connect Webinar platform.

    This event is worth 1 CPD Hour.

  • 24 June 2020

    Certificate in Managing Mental Health at Work

    A three-day course from The At Work Partnership run with the support of Brunel University London

    Date: 24-26 June 2020

    Location: Central London

    A practical three-day qualification designed to give OH professionals the in-depth knowledge, strategies, skills and techniques to successfully manage mental health at work. It covers a wide spectrum of issues including mental health strategies, promoting good mental health at work; assessing fitness for work; reasonable adjustments; and reducing presenteeism and sickness absence through prevention, support at work and effective return-to-work programmes.

    Course Director: Dr Nerys Williams, OH Physician

    Course Deviser: Dr John Ballard, Occupational Health [at work] Editor

    Other tutors include: Dr Paul Litchfield, Prof Diana Kloss, Dr Max Henderson, Dr Olivia Carlton, Jen Webster, Dr Sally Coomber, Prof Neil Greenberg

    Key course highlights include:

    - Evidence review of workplace interventions
    - Devising a workplace strategy controlling risks
    - Guidance on how OH professionals can manage cases
    - The OH consultation: best practice
    - Responding to trauma
    - Alcohol and substance misuse
    - Assessing fitness for work
    - The duty to make reasonable adjustments
    - Ensuring legal compliance
    - Keeping people productively in work and ensuring successful return to work

    EARLY BIRD RATE OFFER: Book and pay by 30th April 2020 and save up to £100 + VAT with our early bird rates.

    For further information and to secure your place, please visit:

  • 24 June 2020

    Join the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine for BSLM2020 in Twickenham Stadium, London from June 24th-26th 2020.

    The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s fourth annual conference promises to be bigger and better than ever. There’s never been a more important time for Lifestyle Medicine - which is fast gaining widespread acceptance as an evidence-informed and mainstream solution to non-communicable disease. And as the movement in the UK gains momentum, BSLM2020 is a great opportunity to get together and be part of that change.

    SOM members can book at a discounted rate but places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. If you would like to book at the SOM member rate, please email for details.

    For further details about BSLM2020 and to book your place, please click here.

  • 01 July 2020

    Joint Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) and Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) meeting

    Venue: 1 Wimpole Street, Marylebone, London W1G 0AE

    This meeting presents a unique opportunity to hear from a range of experts from academia, clinical practice and policy makers providing a greater understanding of occupational respiratory disease.

    In a recent report by Health and Safety Executive, occupational respiratory disease in the UK is currently estimated to result in approximately 12,000 deaths each year in the UK. Additionally, there are an estimated 14,000 new cases of breathing or lung problems caused or made worse by work in the UK each year. Worldwide, particularly in low and middle income countries, the population is much greater. 

    The pathology, detection and prevention of occupational respiratory disease continues to evolve. Join us as we examine the recent developments and future directions on topics ranging from occupational asthma to construction workers health and the Australian epidemic in accelerated silicosis. There will also be two expert panel discussions with plenty of opportunity for knowledge sharing between clinical and academic interests.

    Attendees can expect to:

    - Know about current prevalence and incidence of occupational respiratory disease in the UK.

    - Understand the current Health and Safety Executive's recommendations for control and detection of the disease.

    - Be able to describe current surveillance systems for occupational respiratory disease, understand how to report cases, and learn about the current epidemiological disease burden.

    - Hear about the unprecedented silicosis epidemic in Australia.

    - Improve understanding of prevention measures for occupational respiratory disease in the workplace.

    SOM members can book at a discounted rate, see RSM booking page for details.

    For further details and to book, visit the RSM website.

  • 01 September 2020

    Announcing the UNOFFICIAL DOCCMED COURSE in September 2020 date TBC (formerly on Saturday 4th April 2020 9am - 5pm, but delayed in view of Coronovirus concerns)

    Run by the author of 'Questions and Answers for the DOccMed' book Dr Clare Fernandes, and featuring other Occupational Health Physicians - Dr Chowdhury, Dr How and Dr Whitehead.

    It is the course to get those extra tips/tricks/learning before the MCQ and Portfolio/Viva exams!

    Also ideal for those trainees sitting MFOM Part 1, and a great basis to start MFOM Part 2 revision as a refresher course for MFOM Part 1 material.

    Key Topics that will be covered - Occupational Hygiene, Occupational Health Diseases, Key Concepts, Exam technique/tricks MCQ, Portfolio/Viva preparation. 

    £200 covers the day (lunch/tea&coffee is included) and it is then followed by a networking/social drinks to wind down after a good day of preparation!

    To secure your place, complete the application form and return to Dr Clare Fernandes

  • 31 December 2020


    Dates available throughout 2020:

    Workplace drug and alcohol issues are becoming an increasing demand on Occupational Health Teams. 

    Within health and safety it is best practice for every company to have a Drug and Alcohol Policy however they vary considerably between industry and organisations. Procedures associated with the policy need to be practical and balanced in approach, enabling implementation and compliance.

    Delegates will see from the programme that Helen Vangikar has developed four courses to equip Occupational Health Teams with knowledge to confidently tackle issues raised, ranging from policy content, is testing appropriate?, collections and report interpretation and quality standards.

    These courses are suitable for healthcare professionals and allied professionals such as health & safety and human resources.

    CPD Attendance Certificates will be issued to delegates.

    MRO1 and MRO2 have CPD accreditation from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

    For more information please email: or visit


    Venues and dates available throughout 2020:



    Collection Officer



    Policy (Morning Only)

    Abu Dhabi









    Not Available



    Policy (Afternoon Only)

    Collection Officer














    To view further course details please click here.