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  • 28 January 2021


    Who is this for? Large and small businesses reviewing their approach to diversity and inclusion and national policy makers


    Understanding inequalities in the workforce during Covid-19

    · Discuss the poor outcomes and the contributing factors of the pandemic suffered by certain groups and the long-term psychological impact this will present

    · Explore cultural bias and racism that has been identified and the effects on physical and mental health outcomes

    Addressing inequalities in the workforce

    · Identify best practice strategies and interventions to becoming an inclusive and equitable workplace

    · Workplace - from the experiences of marginalised groups and how lack of representation has led to decision making based on cultural bias. Growing staff networks, ambassadors, allies

    · Inclusive leadership can establish a compassionate culture.

    · Diverse and inclusive teams make better decisions.

    · Best practice to develop networks, provide a voice, increase representation at influencing levels and provide mentoring and peer support. Lived experiences to help inform decision making.

    Public Health England and the Office for National Statistics have found links between poor Covid-19 health outcomes and characteristics such as age, geographical location, income, ethnicity, occupation, and disability1. The social, economic, and environmental factors reinforcing inequality are complex and can be attributed, in part, to bias and structural racism, infused in policy development, decision making processes, attitudes and behaviours. This creates a system that can benefit one group whilst simultaneously discriminating against another. There are ‘Inequalities within inequalities’, as health outcomes worsen when characteristics that make up social identities, such as class, race, gender, sexuality, and marital status, overlap and experiences of discrimination combine to increase oppression and limit opportunity. Addressing the existing deep-rooted inequality and discrimination in our society has become a priority since the emerging disparities in health outcomes and the global awareness of the consequences of embedded prejudice in the death of George Floyd.

    Speakers: Sandra Kerr, CBE BITC – confirmed; Georgina Bower - Carnegie Trust – confirmed

    SOM speaker- Emma Persand - confirmed

    Chair – Dr Sheetal Chavda, Chair of Diversity and Inclusion Group, SOM- confirmed

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  • 03 February 2021

    17th annual OH update from The At Work Partnership

    Preview 2021: OH Legal & Professional Update

    Wednesday 3 Feb 2021 - pm
    Thursday 4 Feb 2021 - am

    A Virtual Event

    Chaired by Dr John Ballard, editor of Occupational Health [at Work]

    Legal hot topics
    - Disability discrimination law update
    - COVID-19 update
    - Other hot topics in OH Law – from mental health to sex discrimination
    - Key cases, the latest updates and implications for OH professionals

    Hot topics for OH practice
    - COVID-19 update and expert panel Q&A
    - Mental Health First Aid at work
    - OH nursing standards – the NMC review

    Speakers include: 

    Prof Diana Kloss, barrister
    Dr Tony Williams, Working Fit Ltd
    Dr Shriti Pattani, NHS Health at Work Network
    Dr Bill Jenkinson, Spirit AeroSystems
    Emily Yeardley, BakerLaw LLP
    Deborah Edmonds, SCPHN Occupational Health Nursing Standards Delivery group
    Dr Zofia Bajorek, Institute for Employment Studies
    Dr Roger Cooke, consultant in occupational medicine
    Dr Sheetal Chavda, London Fire Brigade at Health Management Ltd

    Book by 5 January 2021 and save up to £60 + VAT!
    Self-funded delegates from only £139 + VAT!

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  • 03 February 2021


    FREE Webinar

    An exclusive overview of Occupational Medicine from an Occupational Health (OH) doctor's perspective.

    The webinar will cover:

    - A working day in OH including COVID-19,

    - The paths of entry/training, as well as

    - Future prospects of career progression and more!

    - Q&A

    Join us if you are unsure about your career, fancy a change in scope of practice (particularly as a GP) and to find out more about a relatively unheard specialty with a vast scope of work, very good salary and opportunities for intriguing subspecialties and cases! In light of the current Pandemic situation, it will also be covering the role of Occupational Medicine with Public Health Concerns such as COVID-19. 

    Dr Sarwar Chowdhury is a successful Occupational Health Physician based in Central London.

    This event is worth 1 CPD Hour.  You will then be sent a link to register on the Adobe Connect Webinar platform.

  • 04 February 2021


    Who is this for? Precarious workers, businesses who use contract workers, trade unions, the self employed

    Aim – inform policy and practice

    What is poor quality work? We know that poor quality work that is precarious, and insecure can be more damaging to health than unemployment. This section of the working population is likely to increase during the pandemic and its aftermath. These workers are also often left out of wellbeing initiatives and any initiative of support is often hard to access. There is no sick pay for these workers so the risk of presenteeism and associated health risks is greater.


    · WEI University of Manchester (tbc)

    · Professor Stephen Bevan – Confirmed

    · Health Foundation – confirmed

    · Independent Workers Union of GB and TUC (tbc)

    Chair – Professor Anne Harriss, President, SOM

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  • 11 February 2021


    FREE for SOM Members (please log in on the SOM website first). 

    Thurs 11 Feb 12-1pm SOM Leadership Series 2

    What are Occupational Health commercial providers looking for in a leader?

    Dr Paul Williams, Maximus

    This event is worth 1 CPD Hour. FREE for SOM Members (please log in on the SOM website). You will then be sent a link to register on the Adobe Connect Webinar platform.

    Paul will share some thoughts based on personal experience about the qualities that commercial OH providers are seeking in their leaders of tomorrow.

    Dr. Paul Williams was appointed Division President, Maximus UK in June 2018. Prior to that role, he served as Managing Director, UK Health Services and Programme Director for CHDA. Dr. Williams graduated from Leeds Medical School in 1987 before becoming a full-time GP in 1992. He remains a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. 

    This event is worth 1 CPD Hour. FREE for SOM Members (please log in on the SOM website). You will then be sent a link to register on the Adobe Connect Webinar platform.

  • 11 February 2021


    Who is this for? Employers of health and social care workers

    Aim – inform policy and practice in the NHS, health and social care

    Health and social care workers were at high risk of work-related stress, burnout, and mental health problems prior to the pandemic and this was linked to existing recruitment and retention challenges in the sector. There is evidence that the situation has deteriorated considerably during 2020. This webinar considers the impact of COVID-19 on the health and social care workers and the wider implications for their patients/service users/ and their family. The organisational and occupationally specific hazards they are currently experiencing, such as short staffing and moral injury/distress, will also be considered. Multi-level interventions that have the potential to improve outcomes will be considered and examples of best practice identified.


    · Professor Neil Greenberg: moral injury and trauma amongst health and social care confirmed

    · Dr Clare Gerada, PHP, providing support – confirmed

    · David Murphy, BPS Vice President – manager and leaders in the NHS in general - confirmed

    · Dr Germaine Ravalier, Bath Spa University - confirmed

    Executive Chair (with intro) - Professor Gail Kinman- confirmed

    Chair – Professor Anne Harriss, President, SOM

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  • 24 February 2021


    Who is this for? Large and small businesses

    Aim – inform organisations’ mental health at work policy and how to put into practice

    Research findings show that the mental health and wellbeing of the UK population has generally deteriorated during the pandemic, with marked effects for those in employment. As seen in earlier webinars in this series, different groups of workers have been disproportionately affected. Although support is available, it often targets individuals and overlooks the need for systemic, organizationally focused strategies. This webinar highlights the need for effective policies and practices at the organisational level to help support the wellbeing and mental health of staff. Guidelines on suicide prevention and postvention are a key element of such policies. Examples of best practice for organisations in introducing systemic wellbeing interventions will be provided.


    · Emma Mamo, Mind- A whole organisation approach and spotlight on frontline workers- confirmed

    · Rachel Suff, CIPD- How 'good work' can support good mental health and the role of good people management - confirmed

    · Abi Hirschman, Charlie Waller - meaningful conversations when someone is in distress – confirmed

    Professor Gail Kinman, content adviser re suicide confirmed

    Chair – Louise Aston, Business in the Community- confirmed

    Please register on Eventbrite here

  • 25 February 2021


    FREE for SOM Members (please log in on the SOM website first). 

    This is an exclusive webinar by Janet O’Neill, Clinical Nurse Director, PAM Group on leading a MDT in OH and will cover:

    - The vision and strategy

    - The value of the MDT in meeting the vision

    - Making the business case

    - Developing the strategy

    – Generating ideas

    - Skill mapping

    - Cohesive working

    - Assessing outcomes

    Sponsored by Global OHS

    This event is worth 1 CPD Hour. FREE for SOM Members (please log in on the SOM website). You will then be sent a link to register on the Adobe Connect Webinar platform.

  • 03 March 2021


    Who is this for? Large businesses, with key messages for small business

    Aim – inform development of effective health and wellbeing strategies, that can be measured via accreditation

    How do organisations best manage people back to work? The COVID-10 pandemic has provided many challenges to organisations in terms of supporting the health and wellbeing of staff and helping them manage changes to their working patterns and practices (such as working at home) and key transitions (such as returning to the workplace). Health and wellbeing strategies are required that that are fit for purpose in supporting workers during the pandemic and beyond. This webinar highlights the need for risk assessments and toolkits that meet the needs of individuals and organisations and considers the relevance of existing frameworks such as the HSE Management Standards Tool and the Management Competencies framework under current conditions. The need to provide guidance on career development and upskilling as a key element of wellbeing frameworks will also be considered


    · Dr Richard Caddis, CMO, BT- confirmed

    · Prof Kevin Daniels, UEA, What Works Wellbeing Centre - confirmed

    · Peter Kelly HSE re management standards framework- confirmed with Dr Jo Yarker – confirmed - using the Management Competency Framework to identify the skills and competencies required by managers to support staff wellbeing during COVID

    · Tbc local Government

    Executive Chair – Dr Richard Heron, Former FOM President

    Please register on Eventbrite here

  • 09 March 2021
    West Midlands

    2021 Annual Network Conference

    9/10th March at Chesford Grange

    Network members have one free place at the conference and can purchase additional places at £295 (these include dinner and accommodation on 9th as well as the conference on 10th March).

    Non members can attend the conference on 10th at a cost of £295. 

    If your organisation would be interested in exhibiting email

    Visit the website.