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Occupational Health Awareness Week

The aim of Occupational Health Awareness Week 2023 is to provide information to small and medium-sized enterprises about the role and value of occupational health. We also aim to promote occupational health as a career – for information about our 2023 Careers Fair taking place on Wednesday 27th September online and in person in London, contact

The focus of this year’s Occupational Health Awareness Week was to provide resources to engage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who are five times less likely to have occupational health (OH) support than large businesses. Our aim was to better inform SMEs of the role and value of OH.

SOM produced a 15-minute and 2-minute film to introduce OH to SMEs – these films are still available here. COHPA published a Guide to OH for SMEs, which is also still available on our SME page. These free resources are available to use, distribute and share, to promote on social media or to clients.

You can read a roundup of this year’s activities here.

Case Studies

Click on the blocks below to read the real-life experiences of professionals working in occupational health.

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