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Information for healthcare professionals

Occupational health professionals make a real difference to the health of workers. Research shows that good health is good for business and better workplaces have better financial results. Occupational health (OH) is a rewarding and interesting career and one that allows a good work/life balance.

This section provides healthcare professionals with valuable resources, such as a toolkit for asthma, and information about MSK and mental health in the workplace. It also provides information about occupational health policy engagement.

Being a member of the SOM can support your career development. Member benefits include access to our Regional Groups, hard copy of our journal Occupational Medicine, and access to our ISO 9001 certified appraisal service for doctors. For more information about membership please click here.

If you are interested in a career in OH, please visit our Careers page.

The occupational health world is friendly. There will be more people than you think out there who are willing to help and support you in your career.


Resources and information for healthcare professionals

Occupational Medicine journal

For the latest research on occupational medicine – go to our Journal of Occupational Medicine homepage at


The WHO has produced a publication on disease prevention through safer workplaces, which discusses occupational health risks by disease type. 

There is more detail of WHO activity at


Below is a video of what occupational health offers services for those caring for others in the NHS:

We often forget that healthcare professionals are human too, and are just as prone to illness as anyone else. They take care of us, but who takes care of them? Working in healthcare is demanding. Our clinicians ofthen work long hours, endure stressful situations and are required to be vigilant at all times. Here, Professor Debbie Cohen explains why we need to adapt treatment to suit the very specific challenges that come with treating healthcare professionals, and what the occupational medicine community is doing to ensure these competencies are developed and promoted.

Agriculture and fishing

Alcohol and drugs in the workplace


Toolkit - Work-related asthma and occupational asthma:

Other asthma resources:


Chemical hazards

Choosing OH software

Read the SOM guide to choosing OH software here.

Consensus statement for health professionals

2019 Healthcare Professionals' Consensus Statement on Health and Work

E learning on health and work

Health Education England Health and Work e-learning

Fit note use

Fitness to drive

Hard metal workers

Hearing loss



Mental health

The benefits of improving mental health in the workplace and how to support mental health at work are outlined here:

An article discussing why it is important to be able to discuss mental health in the workplace:

A write up of the 2017 mental health event that SOM held with the BPS is here:

A write up of the 2018 SOM/BPS mental health event is here:

Read the report 'What could make a difference to the mental health of UK doctors?'

Read the leaflet for OH practitioners 'Looking after your mental wellbeing'


Needs assessment


Reasonable adjustments

Neurodiversity at work

Webinars (frontline workers webinar is free)

Managing remote workers blog


Occupational Health search area at
And guidance at

Older workers


Quality in OH


Supporting trans employees

Work modifications guidance


Occupational Health Policy Engagement

The SOM and FOM responded to the Government’s Green Paper on Work, Health and Disability. Read the response here:

SOM hosted a Consultation Meeting to discuss the Government’s Green Paper on health, work, and disability, see details here:

A report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on occupational health and its current state recommended for Health Education England to fund training posts to meet the increasing need of OH practitioners:

The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices was an independent review discussing different forms of work and how they relate to employee rights and responsibilities:

FOM and SOM also Responded to the Government’s Industrial Strategy Paper - here:
Read the full response

HR and Occupational Health Roundtable with SOM / CIPD and FSB, 8th Feb 2019. Read the notes here:

Consultation - Health is everyone's business: proposals to reduce ill health-related job loss