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Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

SOM launched this Task Force, reporting to the Board, in 2020. It is chaired by Dr Sheetal Chavda. Emma Persand is vice chair.

The Task Force has produced an inclusion directory (on the members website) and carried out unconscious bias training for Board members. Discussions have occurred across SOM key groups on this issue. Links have been made with a number of organisations such as the BMA and the King's Fund. Presentations have occurred at a PHE/SOM webinar and a number of national conferences. As an organisation, SOM has carried out a self-assessment to ensure inclusion of our diverse membership in all services and activities.

SOM's Statement of Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion is here.

Occupational risk from COVID-19 and supporting ethnic minority workers - Occupational Medicine article by Dr Sheetal Chavda

Draft inclusion directory for comment