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Occupational health (OH) is a rewarding and interesting career, one that allows a good work/life balance. Whatever your background or interest, there is a career in OH that will be perfect for you. The OH world is friendly, with more people than you think willing to help and support you. Check out the resources below, a great starting point to your career in OH.

2023 Careers Event - recording for doctors is here and for nurses is here. Click on the links below to download the presentation slides:

Courses and Training

Free Webinars and Support

Sign up to our OH Nurse Connect bulletin or OH GP Connect bulletin if you are a nurse or GP with an interest in OH.

Being a member of the SOM supports your career development e.g. support for placements and mentoring, workplace visits, support groups for AHPs, nurses and doctors. See or contact us to join.

Career Paths In Occupational Health

Doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists, technicians, nurses, hygienists, disability assessors and physiotherapists all play important roles. Find out more by clicking on a block that reflects your professional group.

Functional Assessors
OH Nurses
Occupational Hygienists
Occupational Physicians
Occupational Physiotherapists
Occupational Psychologists
OH Technicians
Occupational Therapists

Case Studies

Click on the blocks below to read the real-life experiences of professionals working in occupational health.

This video explains why people love working in OH, day-to-day responsibilities, opportunities for training and career progression.

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