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  • 14 October 2024


    FREE for ALL (please log in on the SOM website first). 


    This webinar continues our free-to-access series on "Basics in OH". The session will put forward, and explain, the concept of a journey that begins with Hazard Identification, through to Risk Assessment, and finally to Health Surveillance and when that may be needed, covering the key principles, relevant H&S legislation, and some brief case scenarios.

    Speaker Bio:

    Dr Dil Sen

    Consultant OHP and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. A clinical academic of nearly 30yrs having held various academic roles, most recently at the Univ of Manchester (as Programme Director/Senior Lecturer & Hon.Consultant in OM), and the FOM (as Director of Assessment, then as Academic Dean); now heading up OptimaHealth's Academy and continuing with teaching, training and mentoring up-and-coming OH professionals, both doctors and nurses. From many years spent in HSE, Dil believes that all occupational diseases are PREVENTABLE, but this requires education, compliance with H&S law, and implementation of best practice.

    Chair: Professor Kaveh Asanati

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  • 20 October 2024

    Don’t miss Australia’s premier occupational medicine educational event

    Coming up this October in Perth is the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine (ANZSOM) – a must for health professionals working in occupational medicine, including medical practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals. The event will cover a wide range of contemporary workplace health issues as we look to "Innovate, Integrate and Inspire", to shape the evolving future of occupational medicine.

    Can't make it to Perth?

    Don't worry! ASM2024 is a hybrid event, giving delegates the choice of attending in person or virtually from wherever they find themselves.

    Virtual registration includes:

    - Full access to all 3 days of the technical program - sessions will be broadcast live via the ANZSOM online conference portal where you'll be able to chat to your fellow virtual delegates and join in the discussion.

    - On-demand access to recordings and learning material - all technical sessions will be recorded, with access for 6 months post-event.

    For more information or to register, visit the Conference website at

  • 11 November 2024

    For the MFOM Part 1, DOccMed and DipOHPrac*, The Occupational Health Academy with SOM presents... MCQ Weekend


    This recording will expire on Monday 11th November 2024

    Finding the vast amount of information from your CPD course a lot to take in? Never done occupational health and wondering how you will understand the concepts and pass the exam? Busy with your own personal life and work, and wanting to know the core information to help pass the MCQ exams? If you have any of these queries then why not purchase the very popular MCQ Weekend at The Occupational Health Academy.

    Over two days, The Occupational Health Academy will cover the key principles and information for the exam with OH Ethics and Law, Occupational Hygiene, Occupational Medicine and Exam Tips/Past Topics and help you grasp the key concepts to improve your knowledge for the more difficult MCQ exam. Check out some of the reviews on The Occupational Health Academy website to see it's definitely worth it - the Academy boasts some high scoring previous attendees!

    This recording will expire on Monday 11th November 2024

    Full SOM members receive a 20% discount on the course fee. To receive the discount, please log in to your SOM account before registering. To upgrade to full membership from associate/student categories, please email

    Non SOM-members can sign up as a full SOM member first and then access the 20% course discount. Join SOM here. If you have any queries, please email

    *Could also be utilised for LFOM exam preparation although not specific.

  • 13 November 2024

    For the DOccMed and DipOHPrac*, The Occupational Health Academy presents... Portfolio Morning

    This recording will expire on Wednesday 13th November 2024

    Struggling to know what workplace to do for the FOM portfolio or which clinical case is reasonable to undertake and analyse? Wondering what information to put in each of the boxes or how to keep your word count down but still keep the relevant information? Want to see examples of high scoring portfolios? Then why not purchase The Occupational Health Academy's Portfolio Morning session. 

    The Occupational Health Academy's Portfolio Morning will take you through an ideal risk assessment, clinical case and give you ideas for finding a suitable case for your portfolio. You will go through and analyse the FOM portfolio and the type of information needed, whilst also being mindful of its other purpose which is for your Mock Viva and make the latter process easier. The example portfolios and Q&A at the end is a very useful session to get more ideas on what to write. The Occupational Health Academy is here to help you with your exam application & portfolio submission!

    This recording will expire on Wednesday 13th November 2024.

    Full SOM members receive a 20% discount on the course fee. To receive the discount, please log in to your SOM account before registering. To upgrade to full membership from associate/student categories, please email 

    Non SOM-members can sign up as a full SOM member first and then access the 20% course discount. Join SOM here. If you have any queries, please email

    *Could also be utilised for LFOM exam preparation although not specific.

  • 20 November 2024


    FREE for ALL (please log in on the SOM website first). THIS SESSION WILL  NOT BE RECORDED


    Domestic Abuse Event – Join Us to Make a Difference

    We invite you to join our Domestic Abuse Awareness and Supporting in the Workplace Session.

    This session aims to raise awareness of this hard-hitting topic, whilst showcasing the importance and true difference a business can make to employees who may now, or in future, experience domestic abuse.  

    This session is an informative and moving presentation delivered by Domestic Abuse survivor Sharon Livermore MBE.

    The session covers:

    1     How to recognise, respond, record and refer a victim to specialist services.

    2     Hard-hitting statistics related to domestic abuse, why it is a workplace issue and how domestic abuse does not discriminate.

    3     Actions you can take next.

    4     The opportunity to have your questions answered in an open discussion at the end of the presentation.

    Together we can make a meaningful impact, change lives, and support those affected by domestic abuse.  

    Speaker Bio:

    Sharon Livermore MBE is a domestic abuse survivor, campaigner & founder of Domestic Abuse Education. Domestic Abuse Education is a consultancy that exists to educate businesses on what domestic abuse is, the many forms it takes and how to support employees who are, or may go through, domestic abuse in their lifetime. Sharon is the co-founder and influence behind “Sharon’s Policy”, a FREE template domestic abuse policy and guidance notes; Sharon’s mission is to ensure that all businesses across the UK have a domestic abuse policy in place.

    Chair: Dr Francoise Woolley.

    FREE for ALL. You will then be sent the joining link. THIS SESSION WILL NOT BE RECORDED

  • 29 November 2024

    Save the Date!

    Join the RCN and SOM in-person or online at this popular one-day conference

    Friday 29th November 2024

    The RCN and SOM are delighted to announce that the popular RCN and SOM Joint Occupational Health Nursing Conference will return for its seventh year in November 2024.  

    This hybrid conference will cover a broad range of topics designed to support the continuing professional development of occupational health nursing professionals.

    Register your interest for an email alert as soon as booking opens and the programme is announced.

    Register your interest here.

  • 01 December 2024


    Occupational Health Technician Course  

    Available online throughout the year

    Price £490 + VAT  

    A highly interactive online course, suitable for new entrants to the profession as well as a refresher course on the core principles for existing technicians. You can work through this course independently at a time that suits you.

    This course is split into 2 parts, comprising a total of 18 E-Learning Modules:

    Part 1: Online Learning Modules - Introduction to Occupational Health

    This is a full introduction to all aspects of the role of the Occupational Health Technician including necessary background information and the main duties and areas of work you will undertake. These interactive E-learning modules provide you with all the knowledge you require to competently undertake this exciting role, whilst also increasing your confidence and understanding of what the job really entails.

    Part 2: Online Learning Modules - Theoretical Concepts behind Practical Requirements of the Role

    These further E-Learning modules look at the more practical aspects of an Occupational Health Technician role. They will improve your theoretical understanding of the practical tasks you will undertake in your day to day role. Alongside this is an Occupational Health Technician Competency Booklet, put together in conjunction with the SOM, for your supervisor to sign off.

    Download the Course Overview here.

    Click here to book or email for further information.

  • 02 December 2024


    FREE for ALL (please log in on the SOM website first). 

    Webinar summary:

    As a speciality field, Occupational Health has many career opportunities and diverse career pathways for nurses. Not only will these pathways be explored but so will leadership opportunities. Leadership is an essential component in OH Nurse career progression and a significant part of the strategic role of Occupational Health working with employers and wider public health. This webinar will explore how a career as an OH nurse can be developed both organically and as a planned career progression depending on specific areas of interest and pathways chosen. Areas of importance in career development will be touched upon alongside learning and development to support growth and progression into leadership. The use of case studies will be used to demonstrate feasibility and direction will be given to wider reading for those whose interest in a particular area of progression and leadership.

    Speaker Bio:

    Janet O'Neill is an Occupational Health Nurse specialist of 25 years’ experience. She has a certificate in OH, a PG Diploma in OH and an MSc in Workplace Health and Wellbeing. She is the head of training and development for PAM Group and is the Deputy Head of the National School of Occupational Health focusing on training, quality and workforce development. Janet is a SOM member and active supporter and a trustee board member of iOH. She is sub editor of OH today and an assistant editor for the Journal of Occupational Medicine.

    Chair: Professor Anne Harriss

    FREE for ALL. You will then be sent the joining link.

  • 31 December 2024


    The four courses aim to help delegates understand the facts about drug & alcohol misuse in the workplace including legal considerations, how to compile a substance misuse policy and interpretation of reports generated by the laboratory.

    Collection Officer Training
    Who should attend: Anyone who undertakes Chain of Custody collections; OHA / OHNAs; Occupational Health Physicians; GPs; HR Managers; Health & Safety Officers; trade union members
    Course content:
    - Preparing a site for collection
    - Mechanics of a urine collection, trouble shooting and common errors
    - Collection demonstration for back-to-lab and Point of Collection [POC] devices
    - Breathalyser selection, calibration and verification with demonstration
    - What happens to the samples in the laboratory
    - Oral fluid and hair collections
    Cost: £275 per delegate

    MRO Training, part 1
    Who should attend: OHA / OHNAs; Occupational Health Physicians; GPs
    Course content:
    - The role of the Medical Review Officer [MRO] including the Medical Review
    - Laboratory process
    - Adulteration checks and how donors try and mislead the testing
    - Drug metabolism looking at the fact and fiction behind positive samples
    - Evaluation and debate of Chain of Custody cases through result interpretation
    Cost: £275 per delegate

    MRO Training, part 2
    Who should attend: OHA / OHNAs; Occupational Health Physicians; GPs
    Course content:
    - Use of alternative biological samples such as hair, oral fluid, sweat and sweat vapour
    - Pros and cons of Point of Collection [POC] devices, how to develop protocols consistent with the principles of Chain of Custody
    - Quality and accreditation, UK Guidelines for Workplace Drugs Testing, minimum service level to expect
    - Alcohol including biomarkers such as EtG/EtS, FAEE
    - Evaluation via MCQs
    Cost: £275 per delegate

    Policy Workshop
    Who should attend: HR Managers; Health & Safety Officers; Occupational Health professionals; trade union members
    Course content:
    - Drawing up a draft substance misuse policy
    - Timelines for policy introduction and educational requirements
    Cost: £165 per delegate for a half-day

    On-site courses can be tailored to your requirements. Please call for further information and details of costs

    Venues and dates available throughout 2024:


    Policy, afternoon

    Collection Officer



    Zoom UK/GMT





    Zoom UK/BST





    Zoom UAE BST-3hrs





    Zoom UAE BST-3hrs





    Dates and start times can be adapted to your time zone. Please contact Helen Vangikar for further details.

    All delegates will receive an information pack and certificate(s), and MRO1 and MRO2 are accredited and qualify for CPD hours from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians [UK].

    To view further course details please click here.

    For more information please email: or visit

  • 05 August 2026

    The 24th Asian Congress on Occupational Health (ACOH) will be held on the 5th - 8th August 2026 at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) in Sarawak, Malaysia.

    With the theme ”Shaping a Sustainable Future: Global Perspectives on Occupational Health",  this triennial congress promises insightful discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration opportunities aimed at advancing the field of Occupational Health in the region.

    The congress will comprise keynote sessions, plenaries, symposiums, poster and oral presentations with invited speakers from all over the globe.

    The event is expected to draw more than 1,200 international and local participants comprising practitioners in Occupational Health, Occupational Medicine, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Health, Occupational Safety and related fields.

    Participants to the 24th ACOH will also have the opportunity to experience the majestic natural beauty of the lush, biodiverse rainforest, home to unique flora and fauna such as the orangutan, proboscis monkey and Rafflesia - the largest flower in the world.

    For more details and to register your interest, visit the event's official website at