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Academic Forum

The Academic Forum for Occupational Health provides a nonaligned and multidisciplinary forum for academic organisations. Established in 2000, its Chair is Professor Ewan Macdonald.

Currently only 50% of the UK workforce has access to OH support and advice and there is a significant lack of research and evaluation to both inform government and support the UK workforce. However, there has been a decline in the number of academic departments, partly counterbalanced by a growth in departments focussed on single system occupational disease and ill health (such as for workplace musculoskeletal, respiratory and mental health issues).

The Forum is calling for an independent Academic Centre to promote, protect and improve the health of the UK’s working people or those wanting to get into work. The Centre would deliver real, practical and applied outputs to help keep workers healthy, offer a non-Governmental voice that will support to develop more efficient and effective workplace health strategies and help change the way we think and act in terms of health in the workplace.  

Minutes of 2018 meetings of the Academic Forum are below. The Forum’s submission to the 2017 Green Paper for Work, Health and Disability is here.

If you would like to attend the Forum or would like further details, please contact the SOM.


Academic Forum minutes 25th June 2018

Academic Forum minutes 9th October 2018

Academic Forum minutes 14th January 2019