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SOM Basics in OH webinar series 2024 - 6. Noise issues at work


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This webinar continues our free-to-access series on "Basics in OH".

Hearing loss and the wider implications of noise on worker health remains a significant occupational challenge. Although we have seen improvements in health surveillance approaches for many work related diseases; hearing checks are still pretty much as we have always known them. Both in clinical practice and within the regulator (HSE) there is recognition that improvements are required.  This webinar will explore updated guidance and advice in this area, why we need to do more and where we could go in terms of preventing noise induced hearing loss for the future!

Speaker Bio:

Clare Forshaw is the Occupational Health & Hygiene Technical Lead for RSSB.  She has been actively involved in progressing the knowledge base and promoting best practice in noise control, health surveillance and improving the profile of noise risk for most of her career.  Clare has been a driving force behind establishing a new UK Hearing Conservation Association which was launched in March 2019 and aims to prevent damage to people’s hearing health and other noise related health conditions; through practical, evidenced and cost-effective communications and solutions.

Chair: Professor Kaveh Asanati

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June 17th, 2024 from  4:00 PM to  5:00 PM
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