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About the Professional Directory

This free directory provides 17 separate regional contact lists for occupational health and medicine professionals. They include their qualifications, business experience and direct contact details which enables employers to make direct contact with a suitable occupational health and medicine professionals.

SOM Members may select multiple regions which indicates they are willing to work in a number of geographical areas in the UK and internationally The information is provided by the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) having taken as much care as is reasonably possible to ensure the information is accurate. However, this information is given and accepted on the basis of no legal liability for its accuracy. The SOM does not seek to provide any assurance of level of competence or expertise of any health professional contained in any such information provided. Employers are advised that they must check the suitability, eligibility and qualifications of such health professionals themselves. 

Employing an OH health professional

If you wish to employ a full time occupational health professional, you can advertise your vacancy with us.

Use of SOM database

The SOM database is available for use by members or to supply members or others, where members have granted permission, contact details for the OH Professional Directory. The SOM is prepared to help members by circulating the membership electronically with requests for assistance for research purposes, but will require certain guarantees before sanctioning use or contacting members.

The SOM Database and its content are the intellectual property of the Society of Occupational Medicine, registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 with the Information Commissioner’s Office. As such, the Society is not allowed to divulge any member’s information without their permission to anyone who is not a member or to any member where its use for external and/or commercial purposes. Should a request be made to a member / SOM Group officer for data containing other members’ personal information, they should contact the SOM office before taking any other action.