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COVID-19 Work, worklessness and wellbeing factsheets


In early 2021 the SOM worked with Public Health England on a series of COVID-19 Work, worklessness and wellbeing webinars (recordings and presentation slides are here). The following factsheets have been produced, which address the topics raised in the webinars. The factsheets have been developed to support employers, local authorities and regional governments, and health and social care workers to maintain and improve good health and work outcomes in their communities during the pandemic and its aftermath. Download the factsheets below.

  1. Supporting businesses to build back better: The benefits of age diversity
  2. Supporting your approach to workplace diversity and inclusion
  3. Creating better quality work and workplaces
  4. Managing stress, burnout and fatigue in health and social care
  5. Supporting workplace mental health and wellbeing in COVID-19 and beyond
  6. Developing a COVID-19 secure mental health and wellbeing strategy
  7. Managing change – restructuring, redundancy, and homeworking