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The information is provided by SOM having taken as much care as is reasonably possible to ensure the information is accurate. However, this information is given and accepted on the basis of no legal liability for its accuracy. The SOM does not seek to provide any assurance of level of competence or expertise of any health professional contained in any such information provided. Employers are advised that they must check the suitability, eligibility and qualifications of such health professionals themselves.

First Name Last name Address Details Telephone General Qualifications Accredited specialist in OM Profession NHS Region Occupational Health Experience
Brian King Independent OHP North Western
Ian King

Thirty Trees
Crampshaw Lane
KT21 2UD


Yes Consultant OCC Physician London, South West Thames Academia, Commerce, Engineering – Light, Government, Health, IT, Medico-legal, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Utilities
Vidia Kisnah Consultant OCC Physician North Western
Barbara N Kneale Independent OHP West Midlands
Robin Peter Knill-Jones Scotland
Nataliya Kononenko Yes Consultant OCC Physician Overseas Transport
Anthony Jeffrey Kurzer London, North East Thames, North West Thames
Laura Kutsawa Consultant OCC Physician Scotland
Tatiana Kutyreva Lead Physician London, South East Thames, South West Thames
Wendy Elizabeth Lake General Practitioner (GP) North Western
Drushca Lalloo Consultant OCC Physician Scotland
Michael Lambert Wessex
John Lando Scotland
Ben Lashbrooke Yes Consultant OCC Physician, Aviation Medical Examiner
Sue Lawrenson Independent OHP London, South East Thames, South West Thames
Ian J Lawson Independent OHP West Midlands
Dusica Lazarov Consultant OCC Physician London, North West Thames
Anna Le Sueur Draper

6 Harvesters
West Sussex
RH12 5TJ


Yes Specialist Practitioner OH Nurse Aerospace, Communications, Engineering – Heavy, Engineering – Light, Health, IT, Media, Motor, Radiation Medicine, Utilities, Occupational Medicine, Mental Health, Ill Health Retirements
Susan Leckie Senior Medical Officer Scotland
Adrian Vincent Lee Yorkshire
Luis Leighton Consultant OCC Physician East Anglia, London, North East Thames, South East Thames
Roderick Alistair Lennox

73 Longhurst Lane
Marple Bridge

07554 660740

DOccMed, MBChB, BSc, AdvDipOccMed

No Independent OHP East Midlands, Mersey, North East, Northern, North West, North Western, Trent, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire Academia, Aerospace, Agriculture, Armed Forces, Building, Chemicals, Commerce, Communications, Electronics, Engineering – Heavy, Engineering – Light, Food, Government, Health, IT, Leisure & Brewing, Local Authority, Media, Medico-legal, Mining, Motor, Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Potteries and Glass, Radiation Medicine, Retail, Textiles, Textiles & Paper, Tobacco, Transport, Utilities, Occupational Medicine, Mental Health, Ill Health Retirements, Fitness for Work and Disability Discrimination
Richard Anthony Lestner Yorkshire
Joanna Lever Wales
Paul Lian Yes Consultant OCC Physician South Western Health
Cheryl Tsu-Yin Liew Independent OHP Scotland
Maurice Lipsedge London, North East Thames, North West Thames, South East Thames, South West Thames
Andrew Lister


Yes Consultant OCC Physician, NHS Occupational Physician North Western Engineering – Light
Grant David Logan Yes Consultant OCC Physician Scotland Oil
Sally Lowe

Houghton Lane
Manchester M27 0DZ


No Specialist Practitioner OH Nurse North West Chemicals, Communications, Engineering – Light, IT, Local Authority, Retail, Transport, Utilities
Jonathan Richard Lubin

Derwent Medical Centre
20 Derwnet Crescent
London N20 0QQ

0208 446 0946

No General Practitioner (GP) London, North East Thames, North West Thames Academia
Suzanne Patricia Lucey Independent OHP London, North East Thames, North West Thames, South East Thames, South West Thames, West Midlands
Brian Peter Ludlow Wales
Myo Thet Lwin No Independent OHP
Kv M'jee

1 Morlaix Drive

No Doctor in Disability Assessment South Western Health
Joseph Paul MacCarthy Consultant OCC Physician Yorkshire
Ian MacDonald West Midlands
Fiona MacDonald


Yes Senior Medical Officer Scotland Commerce
David Hugh MacGregor Chief Medical Officer London, North East Thames, North West Thames, Scotland, South East Thames, South West Thames
Ilias Macheridis Independent OHP West Midlands
Alan Lachlan Mackay Brown Wessex
Rory Mackinnon

Arch 6
Hymers Court
Brandling Street
Tyne & Wear


No Independent OHP, General Practitioner (GP) North East
Alan Macklin Independent OHP Scotland
Fergus John Macpherson Scotland
Ira Madan Consultant OCC Physician London, South East Thames
Steve Malleson Chief Medical Officer London, North West Thames, South West Thames
Massoud Mansouri Independent OHP Wales
Richard Laurence Marcus Consultant OCC Physician Yorkshire
John Marsden Consultant OCC Physician East Anglia
Sandie Marshall

53, 1/14, Mercantile Chambers
Bothwell Street


Yes Consultant OCC Physician Scotland Transport