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Government response to the review of modern employment practices

Posted by Ann Caluori | Thu, 08/02/2018 - 11:39

The government has responded to The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices.

The full government response can be found here. The Health and Wellbeing at Work section of the document can be found on pages 59-60 and the following summary on page 12: "The shape and content of work and individual health and well-being are strongly related. For the benefit of firms, workers and the public interest we need to develop a more proactive approach to workplace health". 

In addition to the government response, four consultation documents have been published. The documents explore in detail some of the recommendations made by the review. You can find the individual consultation documents and how to respond at:

Consultation on agency workers recommendations

Consultation on employment status

Consultation on enforcement of employment rights recommendations

Consultation on measures to increase transparency in the UK labour market