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SOM membership increases to over 1500

Posted by Ann Caluori | Fri, 22/12/2017 - 12:07

The Society of Occupational Medicine has increased its membership by more than 150 since August 2017, with membership currently standing at just over 1560.

SOM members include occupational health physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, and hygienists. For a full list of the healthcare professionals who can join SOM, visit our Membership page.
In addition to increasing membership, SOM has expanded its member benefits to include a series of free webinars and an indemnity insurance offer for occupational health nurses. It also ran a successful Annual Conference in Leeds attended by over 200 delegates, and a report on the occupational health value proposition was launched by the Society’s new patron, Lord Blunkett.

A new group membership and Nurse Appraisal Toolkit will be launched in 2018.

Having only just joined the SOM I've been really impressed at how lively and supportive it is as an organisation. Many thanks for your part in this.” Dr Jennifer Napier, new member


"I was delighted when the SOM linked up with James Hallam Professional Indemnity insurance product for OH Nurses.

I had been quoted a very high price by my then provider. It had doubled in premium, year on year over the past four years to a point where I felt I couldn’t afford it. I was frustrated because I wanted to carry on working but didn’t want to go back to full time. Additionally, I am due to revalidate with the NMC in the next few months and the high cost of the insurance was making me give serious consideration to retiring, because I felt it wouldn’t be worth my while continuing to practice with the premium doubling each year.

When I queried the cost, I was told that there had been a lot of claims in the OH world and that was why they had increased the premiums. I felt that they hadn’t tailored the cover to suit me as an individual and that this was an unfair blanket rise.

The James Hallam product however is tailored to individual practice and provides cover for two levels of risk dependent upon your practice. I submitted an application for cover and the whole process was quick, easy to do and I was delighted with the quote. I now have the same level of cover as I had before at a sixth of the premium.

I would urge other colleagues to look at their product before just renewing with their current provider.

Thank you SOM and the lovely team at James Hallam. I am delighted to be able to continue in practice with your support!"

Carolyn Bennett, RGN SCPHN(OH) Dip.HS