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SOM Special Interest Groups

As part of membership of the SOM, members are welcome to join a Special Interest Group (SIG). SIGs tackle some of the most pressing issues facing occupational and workplace health today. Here are some of the activities of SIGs:

  • “Mental health in the workplace” events, with the British Psychological Society and advocacy to the General Medical Council about the mental health of doctors from the Mental Health SIG.
  • Agreement as to the scope of practice of Occupational Health Technicians and Career Path of OH Technicians from the OH Technicians SIG.
  • A report on HAVS best practice from the HAVS SIG, available here. A guidance document Remote assessment of HAVS and CTS is available for SOM members only.
  • A new Sleep and Work steering group - members include Public Health England; the TUC; ACAS; The Sleep Council; ROSPA; SOM members; RSPH; MIND; British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and the British Psychological Society. A presentation on sleep and work is here.
  • Events on Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) via the VR SIG. A presentation on Vocational Rehabilitation is available here.

SIGs give SOM members an opportunity to explore areas of interest that are not necessarily covered through their training, as well as agree best practice. They also enable members from across the UK, and globally, to network with other occupational health professionals working in their field and provide SOM with an invaluable source of expertise and support across our work.

SIGs are currently focusing on Musculoskeletal; Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome; Skin; OH Management; Mental Health; Travel Medicine; Disability Assessor; OH Technicians; Marketing; IT; Wellbeing and GP issues.

Further information about activity and outputs of the Groups are available on the Members Area of the SOM website.

SOM GP interest group in health & work 

This group was agreed by SOM Council in 2018 with support from RCGP. Since then Dr Rob Hampton, a GP and Occupational Physician has chaired two meetings, carried out a survey on fit note use and reviewed various resources of interest to GPs and the health & work landscape in primary care. A GP trainee has also been recruited as an intern for SOM for one year. There are also over 450 GPs who have signed up for the free OH GP Bulletin receiving key updates on work and health issues.

As the group grows our role will be to  

• Provide a forum for GPs to discuss all areas of mutual interest.

• Inform and guide SOM Council in matters relevant to primary care, health and work.

• Agree standards for various aspects of occupational health in primary care.

• Support GPs achieving DipOccMed to establish an occupational medicine practice as part of their portfolio.

• Peer-group support and/or supervision for GPs to include their OH practice in appraisal and revalidation.

• Develop, maintain and support the criteria for a role as GPSI/GPER in Health and Work.