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The information is provided by SOM having taken as much care as is reasonably possible to ensure the information is accurate. However, this information is given and accepted on the basis of no legal liability for its accuracy. The SOM does not seek to provide any assurance of level of competence or expertise of any health professional contained in any such information provided. Employers are advised that they must check the suitability, eligibility and qualifications of such health professionals themselves.

First Name Last name Address Details Telephone General Qualifications Accredited specialist in OM Profession NHS Region Occupational Health Experience
Paul Williams Yes Consultant OCC Physician Yorkshire
Stephen Williams Medical Practitioner Wales
Nerys Rhiannon Williams Consultant OCC Physician, Medical Advisor West Midlands
Alan Williams Independent OH Physician Scotland
Keiron Williamson Consultant OCC Physician Wessex
Philip Winburn Northern, Yorkshire
Catherine Winstanley

17 Aricander Road, WA!! 7DB


No OH Nurse/Advisor, Senior Occupational Health Nurse Advisor Mersey Government
Danny Wong Yes Consultant OCC Physician North East
Lucy Wright Consultant OCC Physician East Anglia, London, North West Thames
Peter Henry Wright Consultant OCC Physician North East Thames
David Harold Wright Northern, Scotland
Andrew Wright

24 High Grove Road


No Independent OH Physician North West Retail
Lindsey Wright Consultant OCC Physician London, South West Thames, West Midlands
Elizabeth Wright Yes Consultant OCC Physician Scotland
Lesley Wylie No Independent OH Physician Scotland Health & Wellbeing
Victoria Wyllie Yes Consultant OCC Physician Scotland Engineering – Light, Health & Wellbeing, Local Authority, Oil, Utilities
Anthony Yardley-Jones Independent OH Physician London, North West Thames, South East Thames, South Western
Paul Yarnley London, South West Thames, West Midlands
Muntasir Yousif

NHS Fife

Yes NHS Occupational Physician Scotland Occupational Medicine