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The Council and Board

The SOM Council

The Council is the representative forum to influence and debate the issues affecting the occupational health and medicine profession. Members are:

  • SOM Regional Group Chairs
  • The SOM Education Lead - Dr Kaveh Asanati
  • The Occupational Medicine Journal Editor - Dr Steve Nimmo
  • SOM members of the Board - as per below
  • Chief Executive - Nick Pahl

Professor Anne Harriss is an observer on the Council.

The SOM Board

The Board is made up of members as authorised by the Constitution, who are trustees of the Charity. Members are:

  • The President (Chair) - Air Commodore David McLoughlin
  • The Immediate Past President - Dr Paul Williams
  • The President Elect - Dr Will Ponsonby
  • The Honorary Secretary - Dr Tony Mawson
  • The Honorary Treasurer - Dr Mangala Patil
  • The Chair of the SOM Council - Dr Richard Taylor
  • 3 other Trustees - Charles Alberts, Richard Sheret, and Shaun Davis

Professor Anne Harriss is co-opted on the Board.